Prevention Testimonials
Comments from Teens

"It helped me get a self-image of myself and learn about myself."
-Students from Stephen S. Wise

"Your story was a wake up call to us Jewish, sheltered kids, that the same situation could easily happen to us, and we need to wrok together to prevent it."
-Student from King David High School / Vancouver

"I learned that I have to stick to my values and stay strong even at the hardest times."
-Student at Sinai Temple

"It made me think about who I really am."
-Student at YULA

"An interactive drug and personal exploration program. It was good!!!"
-Student from Stephen S. Wise

"A truly worthwhile and explanatory program that gives real understanding behind different issues relating to relationships, drugs, alcohol, and life."
-USY student camper

"I liked the way the instructors make me feel like their peers, not a student."
-USY camper

"I liked that we talked about our relationships with ourselves. We connected with G-d and the people around us."
6th Grade Student-
Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School

"I like that we can speak out what we feel without being right or wrong."
7th Grade Student- Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School

"It taught me how to accept myself. I also could open up."
6th Grade Student- Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School

"I liked learning how to see myself on the inside and the prevention of drugs."
Student- Oakwood Middle School

"I liked the honesty between the facilitator and students and how I could admit things and feel safe when saying it."
Student- Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies

"It taught me how to cope with the problems I may later have in my life."
7th Grade Student- Adat Ari El

"It was good to be able to talk about these things openly."
Student- L.A. Hebrew High

"I liked the ability to find situations in my life that are significant problems and learning how to deal with them."
Student- Newbury Park High School
Testimonial from a Heath Teacher

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Joey Levin and I am the Health Clerk at Calabasas High School in Calabasas, California. I started a Parent Education Series at our school called R.A.P., which stands for Resolve And Problem Solve. I started this series to inform our parent population in a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere, about the challenges and pit-falls all of our kids are exposed to, in one way or another. I had heard Doug Rosen speak to an audience of students who were mesmerized by him. He's youthful appearance, hip language, and almost surgical honesty , allowed them to form a bond that other speakers do not achieve. He was accepted by them! I wanted to bring him into speak to the parents and hoped they too would respond. Doug was sensational. He was savvy enough to slightly alter his vernacular so as to not offend. Gone was the "street lingo", but still present crystal clear honesty. He was personal, polite, appropriate BUT no one got away with anything...a wonderful balance. They felt here was a young person who had gone through it.. remembers it. He was credible!! The Q and A went on for so long that we had to beg them to stop. Doug Rosen is a marvelous speaker. He brings to the table his own, gut wrenching truth, his intelligence, empathy, and deep desire to reach out to kids in crisis. You cant buy a better package. While he is in the process of furthering his education and obtaining his degree, his "life-education" is more than adequate to reach the minds and hearts of our kids NOW!!!!
-Joey Levin
Health Clerk, Calabasas High School
Testimonials from Educators

In partnership with BeitT'Shuvah, we have created oppurtunities for our middle school students to reflect, think, and challenge themselves to be the best person and friend they could possibly be. With meaningful discussions students are able to look deeo within themselves and develop ways that they can reach our for themselves and to one another when needed.
-Larry Kligman
Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School, California

Doug understands our teens and what they are going through-the stress, the emptiness, the pressure to succeed in and at everything. He has the amazing ability to build instant trust with a room full of teenagers and he makes it ok and even "cool" to open up about the struggles our teens are facing. If you ask our teens, Doug's visits have been some of the most memorable experiences they have had at Adas Israel. In the age of "A Race to Nowhere," these Jewish life skills programs are the most important programs we can provide for our teens.
-Joshua W. Bender, M.A.J.E
Director of Education>br? Adas Israel Congregation

Douglas Roden is a valuable member of our school community and a campus favorite amongst our students. He is respected and trusted by our parents who look forward to his presentations and the guidance and words of wisdom that he offers them.
-Helen Molitz
Middle School Director at Sinai Akiba Academy

"Since making the Partners In Prevention curriculum an integral component of the course offerings of the High School of Jewish Studies, I have become more and more convinced that it needs to become an integral component of Jewish education everywhere across the country. Having seen first hand the reaction to the curriculum and your young spokespeople by students, parents, teachers, funders, and members of the Board of the Agency for Jewish Education in San Diego, I am convinced that there is a great need NOW to raise awareness of communities as to the relevance and timeliness of the program."
MickieTargum -
Principle of the High School of Jewish Studies, Agency for Jewish Education San Diego

Notes From the Field

Notes From the Field is a collection of anecdotes based on FJC staff member's visits to camps and conversations with Jewish camp professionals.

While visiting Camp Yavneh, I had the opportunity to learn about a special program that they were offering for 2-daus that was truly amazing. Doug Rosen, of BeitT'Shuvah (in L.A.) was running a "Partners in Prevention" program for the older campers, counselors and staff. BeitT'Shuvah is the only Jewish in-patient facility while is based on faith-based recovery and emphasizes the values of the Jewish community. Each morning they begin with Torah study and really become deeply connected to Judasim through their recovery. Doug is a recovering heroin addict who was once an up-and-coming L.A. producer. His parents sent him to BeitT'Shuvah for recovery. Needless to say, his story is FASCINATING!

The Partners in Prevention program was developed based on their finding that drug use decisions are influenced by the way teens perceive themselves, their families and their role in the world. The curriculum really incorporates Jewish practices, event, text study, etc. and talks to the audience about the risk of getting involved with drugs, alcohol, cutting, etc. The program has been used a lot in schools and synagogues also throughout BBYO. There was a lot of positive buzz about the program at camp and I was so impressed by Doug. He has a wonderful way about him. Doug was very open to speaking at more Jewish summer camps. I am sure that you will find him to be incredibly knowledgeable and as compelling as the kids at Yavneh (and I) did.
-Amy Kruglak, Director of Operations-Executive Leadership Institute

By Yeshaia Blakeney I remember back to a conversation I had with a friend, who once came to service ...(read more)

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