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Simply existing in today’s modern world presents all sorts of challenges, whether you are a parent or a youth on your way towards adulthood. Both kids and parents face an enormous amount of pressure to meet these challenges, especially given the varied definitions of success. Despite living in the safest times of human history, many of the choices we make to achieve success are based in fears. Such fears are largely created from an overabundance of media information and our dependence on technology. Moreover, these fears lead to choices that create lasting impact on the lives of our children.

The Beit T’Shuvah Partners in Prevention (PIP) Department aims to bridge the gap between parents and their kids so that all parties involved can best coexist, thrive, and strive for success. PIP works symbiotically with both parents and youth to set clear lines of communication, addressing real-life that families face. PIP also helps parents and kids to examine the root causes of destructive behaviors, including drug and alcohol use and abuse. During the transitional time of adolescence for both parents and kids, PIP works to prepare families become whole, helping kids to become positive adult contributors to society. By working together, PIP and families help to fortify the fundamental family values that have been instilled in children and encourage youth to spread their wings and become themselves, with autonomy and self-efficacy.

In Parashat [i:3gmscjvc]Shemini[/i:3gmscjvc], in addition to the (dietary) laws of Kashrut and ritua ...(read more)

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