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The Beit T'Shuvah Temple Music and Arts Department has had a very, very full year! For starters, our newly-established theater program has been successfully busy. Naomi Ackerman, a facilitator of our theater program ran a 10-week-long theater workshop, with the focus on improvisation. The residents learned how to act spontaneously and think on their toes, and the result was an enormously successful performance for the community. We have also begun a partnership with the USC Theatre Department, led by Director Brent Blaire. The residents have finished their first eye-opening series of work, entitled "The Theater of the Oppressed." Additionally, every Wednesday students from USC come to run their own theatre workshops.

We have also had a busy year with our formidable Smalley Music in Recovery program. We had a phenomenal gala, complete with choir, cantor and band. We moved into Passover, and our quarterly talent show (that is always guaranteed to entertain) was a smash hit. Our Friday and Saturday Shabbat services continue to be straight away rockin' and rollin.' We have trained resident musicians to play in Saturday services under the direction of Music Director Laura Bagish and Assistant Music Director Aaron Delug, resulting in enhanced music, enhanced spirituality, and enhanced recovery for them.

Our choir, also under the direction of Laura Bagish is in top form. We had an amazing High Holy Day season, during which Rabbi Mark Borovitz led us through a series of uplifting, spiritual and joyful services. Cantor Rachel sang with such beauty and ease that at times we forgot where we were. Rabbi Mark and Yeshaia Blakeney gave their most inspiring sermons, dueling it out from the bema.

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