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11.10.2017 Weekly Torah Portion

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:17 pm
by RabbiMark
I am very grateful to and for Barbara Friedman. Barbara works hard for the best interests of Beit T’Shuvah and all of our employees! She has dedicated herself to Recovery through Torah and living well. She is one of the hardest workers and most decent and kind individuals I have ever met! Barbara is an excellent example of what living a life of Recovery truly is.

I am also grateful to and for Avia Rosen. Avia is the lead person on all of our great events. Avia is kind, loving, and another example of what living a life of Recovery truly is. I am so grateful for all of the help she is giving me and the ways she leads me in being one of this year’s honorees!

This week’s Parashah is Chayei Sarah. This translates to “life of Sarah.” I am struck by the courage of Rebecca to follow through on what her soul tells her to do, rather than listen to her brother (a con artist of the nth degree, who wanted Abraham’s servant to stay with them another ten days in order to try and get more gifts)! What a courageous young woman!

Of whom are you so afraid that you go against what you know to be right?

In a time, long ago, where women were supposed to be subservient to men, Rebecca stands out as a model for living the call of her soul. When looking at the times and the logic, Rebecca making her own choice in opposition to her family’s wishes seems idiotic and wrong, even disrespectful. Yet, I understand her decision as one of Higher Logic. Just as we have a higher consciousness, so too do we possess a Higher Logic! I call this Soul Logic.

When do you rise above your lower logic in order to serve your higher self? How do you let lower consciousness rule your decisions?

Herein lies the challenge for us and our era: How to use our Soul Logic to dictate ways of living in concert with God, in concert with Nature, and in concert with all of humanity. We are in a time of great upheaval. We have become so polarized that we have lost our center and our Soul Logic. This is not just “political”; it is in the way we live and the way the entire world is living. Everyone has the ONE RIGHT way to do….(fill in the blank) yet, we refuse to truly immerse ourselves in the wisdom of Torah and Jewish/Spiritual experiences of the past to inform and nurture our present!

Are you taking the time to hear the call of your soul? What keeps you in opposition to God and humanity? Where is your center?

As I am writing this, I realize how I never saw this learning before. This awareness propels me to continue to immerse myself in Torah and other texts (especially Rabbi Heschel) more each day. We are living in a time where people are doing things based on “this is the way we always do it.” Even the “reformers” on both extremes are doing this, even though they say they are not. Men are still abusing the power that they grabbed (and they grab other things as well). People are lying about the ways they act (hoping we will listen to their words and not notice their deeds). We have to immerse ourselves in our everyday activities more so that we can truly be present and see the impact we are having on those around us, on God, and on ourselves. We have to immerse ourselves in our daily lives so we can see where and when we are living congruent with our souls and when we are saying one thing and doing another.

What is the Spiritual Text that you use daily to center yourself? How are you still grabbing power and other things just because you can? What are the lies you continue to tell yourself, and how are they serving your Soul Logic?

Rebecca is a model for living our Soul’s Knowledge; having fear and uncertainty is part of this and living what we know in our kishkas (gut intuition) is the only way to wholeness and connection.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Mark