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Once a resident has succeeded in completing the core program, the transition to life "on the outside" is a critical element of the Beit T'Shuvah model. Through a variety of therapeutic and vocational strategies, residents are helped to explore career options, life-management skills, and outlets for artistic passions. The transition stage nurtures ambition to succeed by using tools such as 1 to 6-month paid internship opportunities, externships, support groups, career training and counseling, and even reduced room & board costs to facilitate the transition to self-sustainability and enduring sobriety after treatment.

By joining Soulsavers at the Launch a Life level, you are helping our residents reintegrate into society in a manner which maximizes the likelihood of sustained sobriety and success in life. As a Launch a Life member, you join an exclusive group of donors. You will be invited to meet the residents and hear their stories at an annual SoulSavers event where you will see the miracle of recovery in action.

Launch a Life for
  • $1,080 annually $90/month
  • $2,160 annually $180/month
  • $4,320 annually $360/month

or or
Please provide notification as installments are due (for payments not being made monthly automatically by credit card)
I am/we are pleased to be included in all offical published donor lists as appropriate.
*Please notify Beit T'Shuvah if you no longer wish to continue your pledge to this fund.

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