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Knock Out Addiction Super Secret Fighters… Revealed! Ryan O’Neal vs. Jimmy Lange

Introducing first: fighting out of the actor’s corner, this man is best known for his role in Love Story, earning him the nod from Oscar for best actor, now playing the role of Addiction’s Destroyer, fighting out of Los Angeles, California, we have…… “Ryan….O’NEAL!” Now making his way to the ring, fighting out of the boxer’s corner, from Great Falls, Virginia, holding a professional record of 36 wins, 4 losses, and two draws, with 24 wins by knockout, a middle-weight recently featured on the NBC television show The Contender,now playing the role of Addiction’s Enemy, we have…..“Jimmy…LANGE!” Thursday night, both fighters box for the same cause.  They enter the ring pumped, ready to Knock Out Addiction; motivated to help the countless residents of Beit T’Shuvah battle their demons with drugs, alcohol, and gambling.  They fight to make … Read entire article »

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Ohh, That Gala!

By Ben Spielberg Six months ago, if I’d have pictured myself half a year later, the last image to come to my mind would be myself, wearing a full tuxedo inside of the Beverly Hilton, thanking strangers and board members for undoubtedly saving both my life and the lives of others. And yet, that is exactly how things ended up happening. Beit T’Shuvah’s annual gala helps pay for a lot of our program here. Not only does it pay for about 50 beds, but also programs like surf therapy, art therapy, and Freedom Song. Over 900 people attended, and they were all supporting this one cause. I have never seen anything like it before. I really felt a part of what was going on—this … Read entire article »

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Knock Out Addiction Fight Tonight

The Fight is tonight. Tom Arnold and I are fighting for and with all of the people who want to Recover from their addictions and live well. A lot of people have commented on the barbaric nature of this event and I want to address these comments. Tom and I fight each day against our own addictions and for the recovery of others. We continue to give hope and strength to people who are still desperate and hopeless. Tom and I know the feelings of hopeless desperation. We have both been there and done that. Our match tonight is to let everyone know that there is a way back to life and to wellness. Beit T’Shuvah has been helping people fight the battle against their addictions and hopelessness for over 24 years. … Read entire article »

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Knocking Out Addiction

By: Jeff Hewitt I was alone in a harsh world of addiction. It didn’t matter how many people I was around, my addiction put me in a painful limbo. The drug addict limbo is unlike any other. It consists of robbing, lying, cheating and manipulating. You do anything you can to get what you want and destroy anything that gets in your way. That’s  the kicker about drug addiction that many can’t grasp; it’s so powerful that nothing but an act of providence can stop it, or at least that’s my experience. Before crossing the threshold of the door into Beit T’Shuvah, I had tried many other rehabilitation centers. What was going to be different about this stay in rehab? I would like to say I knew the answer, but really I … Read entire article »

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I happen to manage Beit TShuvahs account on the NEXTDOOR social media site. For those who arent ...(read more)

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