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Does Facebook Reflect Your True Self?

Special Thanks to Susan B Krevoy Eating Disorder Program Blog for providing us with this material. By Eliot The Internet is not real. In real life, much less choice is involved in how we present ourselves. We are who we are, and even if we try to hide our secrets, they have a way of surfacing in subtle ways. Online, we can pick and choose exactly what we present to our ‘friends’ and how we present it. Our online selves are mostly trim and tidy, we allow sloppiness if it’s tasteful and mildly self-deprecating. Even the most blithe Facebook user has removed an unflattering tag or two. But for young people who’ve never known a world without Facebook, the Internet is very real. A recent study conducted by Florida State University found a … Read entire article »

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Digital Drugs: Cyberhigh

By Stephanie Lager and Matthew Greenwald There is a current trend permeating today’s youth culture. It is alarming to some, and ridiculous to others. It’s not quite a drug epidemic, but it might be the next addictive, mind altering component on the minds of curious teenagers. But you can’t get it from a drug dealer; it’s digital. In a nutshell, digital drugs are 10-30 minute tracks of sound, music and white noise, which claim to be designed to induce states of altered consciousness, mirroring those of drugs such as Psychedelics, Ambien, Marijuana and others. For a fee (usually $10-20, but “the first one’s free”) tracks are available on sites such as I-doser. Unsurprisingly, the whole “first one’s free” marketing ploy effectively mirrors how kids experiment with drugs in the first place, … Read entire article »

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Beit T’Shuvah’s Got Talent!!!

  By Jaron Zanerhaft   Get ready.  Beit T’Shuvah is hosting its annual Talent Show with Havdalah this weekend, December 10 at 7p.m.! The buzz is getting louder each day, and anticipation is flowing through the halls, as the acts rehearse for the big night.  This year’s show promises to provide a Saturday night you won’t forget. Last year, many great acts graced the bima as Beit T’Shuvah’s sanctuary was transformed into a performing arts theatre.  Curtains, lights, sparkling decorations, and the soulful sonic mixes of our resident sound team from BTS Productions draped Beit T’Shuvah’s most talented with an atmosphere of class and stardom.  Who could forget Nancy’s stirring rendition of Blondie’s One way or another?  “When she sang, ‘I’m gonna getcha,’” remarked BTS counselor Kelly, “I believed her!”  Talon gave a surprisingly … Read entire article »

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This Is Aronofsky’s Brain Against Drugs

Darren Aronofsky, the director of Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, and The Wrestler, recently hit the small screen, releasing four commercials as part of the nationwide Meth Project.  The Project’s goal is to curb use of methamphetamines throughout the country—as proof of its success, the project cites ABC’s study showing that “meth use has declined by 65% in Arizona, 63% in Montana, and 52% in Idaho since the 2006 commencement of its campaign.” Aronofsky departs from the “this is your brain on drugs” movement of the 1990’s and the “just say no” crusade of the 1980’s.  He instead stays true to his directorial style, depicting intensely graphic, seemingly exaggerated realities. Watching the commercials left me with the same feeling as Black Swan, a queasy stomach, like I had just watched a … Read entire article »

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A Message on Chai

By Jaron Zanerhaft In the Jewish tradition, the number 18 is said to bring luck, happiness, and health through its mysterious, divine powers. In Gematria, the Jewish numerology, each letter of the Torah and Hebrew alphabet is given a numerical value. With the right combination of letters, any number can be calculated. This means that not just every letter, but every word as well has a number that corresponds to it. Many of these numbers are believed to have mystical powers contained within. Of these, the most well known and most powerful is the number 18, which corresponds with the Hebrew word Chai. Chai, which translates in English to Life, is spelled with two Hebrew letters— Chet and Yud. In Gematria, Chet = 8 and Yud … Read entire article »

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TGIF? Maybe We Should Thank God on Mondays as Well as Fridays

By M. Alexander Growing up, I hated Mondays.  I hated school. I hated the days I had to go to school, come home and do homework, go to bed early so that I could wake up the next morning for a new day of monotony.  All week, I looked forward to the weekend—a time with no responsibility, a time to watch television, a time to do nothing. Later in life, when I was using heroin, all days were the same.  It did not matter whether it was Saturday or Monday.  If I had dope, it was a good day.  If I didn’t, it was a bad day. My perception of each day’s merits changed yet again when I first got to Beit T’Shuvah. I began to dread the weekend.  Nobody was here.  They … Read entire article »

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A Face Behind the Five

The Chai Five! Project is ready to put a Face behind the Five. As we’ve told you, the $1800 we are trying to raise is to put a recovering resident through school for a year. We don’t know of a more deserving resident than BTS Communications’ very own Julian ‘Gonzo’ Ellis. Julian was exposed to drugs at the early age of twelve, dropped out of school at fourteen, and has been in and out of rehab for quite some time. Now, eight years later, he is ready to go to back to school and pursue a degree in graphic and web design. Though he is “excited, optimistic, anxious, nervous and motivated” all at once about attending school, he is also finally up for the challenge. As our newest intern at BTS Communications, … Read entire article »

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The Constant Struggle Between Privacy and Information

By Ben Spielberg In 2005, A&E’s Intervention took the world by storm. For the first time, the addiction was portrayed more candidly than it ever had been to a mainstream audience. The show featured addicts in the everyday world of their addiction as their families and loved ones try to get them to go to rehab. I use this television show as an example because it represents an interesting split in both logic and morality. On one hand, the show exposes a side of addiction first hand—people who may not personally know any drug addicts and alcoholics are becoming more knowledgeable about the epidemic. Hopefully this is leading to people to share their knowledge with others, raising the rate of which people go to rehabs, and cease the enablement of their family members. While … Read entire article »

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James Franco: Was He High and Why Do You Care?

By M. Alexander So I am reading some blogs about Sunday night’s Oscars and I see widespread gossip that James Franco was loaded.  Aren’t there enough people in Hollywood that are in rehab, in recovery, or currently drinking themselves into oblivion that we do not have to spread lashon hara about somebody else?  Maybe he was just a bad host.  Maybe he thought that his cool, calm demeanor would get him more “James Dean-esque” movie roles.  Maybe he was embarrassed by Anne Hathaway’s cross-dressing Les Miserables rendition of “On My Own”.  Maybe he wanted to look high because the younger, “hipper” viewers remember him in Pineapple Express, not Milk or 127 Hours.  Maybe that is just the way he is. On the other hand, maybe he was loaded; maybe he was smoking … Read entire article »

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When Will We Start Testing For… Bath Salts?

By Ben Spielberg Mephedrone. Methylenedioxypyrovalerone. Does this sound like anything you’d want to take a bath with? Probably not. Actually, convenient stores around the country have been selling these chemicals under the pseudonym as “bath salts.” They are not bath salts, though—they are drugs that teenagers have been buying and snorting, smoking, or injecting in order to get high. When I was 16 years old I could walk into a convenient store and buy a legal incense called Salvia. When smoked, it produces intense hallucinations for around an hour. A couple years ago, another incense came out behind counters everywhere—it was called Spice, and it consisted of a medley of leaves that gave people the same effects as marijuana when ingested. And as … Read entire article »

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I happen to manage Beit TShuvahs account on the NEXTDOOR social media site. For those who arent ...(read more)

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