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Judaism and The Arts: Freedom Song Update

  In writing our Judaism and the Arts blog we didn’t need to look far to find the perfect topic for our next post. Beit T’Shuvah’s very own creation, Freedom Song, has been exploring performance art as a way to engage audiences with the relatable feelings of addiction, family dysfunction, and personal slavery in a side-by-side musical presentation of an A.A. meeting and a Passover Seder. The three-act play’s cast is made up of Beit T’Shuvah residents, alumni, and staff members, which culminates in a Q & A session that ties the whole performance together. Jessica Fischel, the show’s coordinator and an associate of Beit T’Shuvah’s Prevention department, weighs in on why she is so passionate about promoting Freedom Song. Even though Freedom Song performs for audiences as young as 7th … Read entire article »

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Judaism and The Arts

BTS Communications is excited to announce our new Judaism and The Arts Blog series. Posts in this series will cover various aspects of visual, musical and written art as it pertains to Judaism, and specifically, Beit T’Shuvah. Through historical and current examples, we hope to give a panoramic view of the arts in the Jewish community The articles will feature historical and critical points of view from figures in the entertainment world, as well as staff and residents of Beit T’Shuvah who are working closely with the arts. With this series, we hope to encourage dialogue with our readers, provide engaging insight on the subject of Judaism and blues music, and help familiarize the reader with the personalities that are the driving forces in this area of recovery and art. The series will be … Read entire article »

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All In The Family

By Chris Alvarez The first ever Beit T’Shuvah Out of Town Family Week recently took place, and my family and I were lucky enough to be able to take part in it.  My mother and sister flew over three thousand miles to take part in Beit T’Shuvah’s inaugural family weekend—a weekend that would forever change our lives.  Over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we took part in family process groups, individual therapy and spiritual learning.  Throughout the course of a few days, we were part of a life-changing event that I hope will help many more families in the years to come. Friday was the first day all three of us were together.  The event started out with a group on family dynamics, during which I reaffirmed my notion that my family’s problems … Read entire article »

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It’s Easier to Follow than to Lead: The Passover Blog

By Zak Kraus Once free from the oppression laid unto us by another man, it is then the responsibility of the individual to relieve themself from the mindset that allowed them to become captive in the first place.    Slavery is usually represented through the act of entrapment from master to servant.  Although this element of slavery is evident in the story of Passover, I don’t necessarily think it is the element of slavery that was most detrimental to the Jewish people.  The bondage of self, the inability to see one’s own worth is far more oppressive to the spirit than any physical entrapment.  We become our own worst enemies when we succumb ourselves to the lies we tell our self. Sobriety for me is a by-product of living well.  Complacency and comfort … Read entire article »

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Knock Out Addiction Super Secret Fighters… Revealed! Ryan O’Neal vs. Jimmy Lange

Introducing first: fighting out of the actor’s corner, this man is best known for his role in Love Story, earning him the nod from Oscar for best actor, now playing the role of Addiction’s Destroyer, fighting out of Los Angeles, California, we have…… “Ryan….O’NEAL!” Now making his way to the ring, fighting out of the boxer’s corner, from Great Falls, Virginia, holding a professional record of 36 wins, 4 losses, and two draws, with 24 wins by knockout, a middle-weight recently featured on the NBC television show The Contender,now playing the role of Addiction’s Enemy, we have…..“Jimmy…LANGE!” Thursday night, both fighters box for the same cause.  They enter the ring pumped, ready to Knock Out Addiction; motivated to help the countless residents of Beit T’Shuvah battle their demons with drugs, alcohol, and gambling.  They fight to make … Read entire article »

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Freedom Song: Just Me and Drugs, One Happy Family :(

By Jamie Zabludowski “For as long as I could remember I felt like I didn’t fit in, in school, on the streets, at family dinners, I couldn’t shake this unbearable feeling that I didn’t belong… so I created my own escape.” For 4 years I was immersed in a very dark heroin addiction. I lost my friends, my family, but most importantly I lost my soul. I was in and out of treatment centers and couldn’t find my inner most self. That is, until I came to Beit T’Shuvah fresh off of being homeless in Florida. I left everything that was familiar to me in Miami without looking back. I spent two months figuring out how to speak again. Once I found that courage to open up, … Read entire article »

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[b:2zyu2pzt]By: Rabbi Igael Gurin-Malous[/b:2zyu2pzt] There is an adage commonly attributed to Pres ...(read more)

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