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Questions From a Normie #5

By Chris Alvarez What Do You Do in Those Meetings? “Those” meetings also know as AA meetings or 12 step meetings are private. So for me to tell you what exactly what happens in them would be wrong. However I can give you an overview, and touch on the reasons why we do what we do. Basically AA meetings are places where people who want to stop drinking or using can go to get help. They are also a great way for those who have stopped drinking to maintain their sobriety and serenity. In the meetings people  come in and share their experience strength and hope.  Cakes and chips are given to celebrate and acknowledge milestones in sobriety and show newcomers that it is possible to stay sober. A meeting is a place where … Read entire article »

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Questions From a Normie #4

By Chris Alvarez What is a sponsor? A sponsor isn’t a friend. A sponsor isn’t a therapist. A sponsor isn’t a parent. A sponsor is something more. A sponsor is someone who has something you want.  They help those who desire sobriety regain a life worth living by taking them through the twelve steps. Well… that’s what they are supposed to do but most of the time they end up doing a lot more. Although a sponsor is supposed to be a guide and help keep their sponsees on a path of sobriety, the sponsee ends up helping the sponsor more than they will ever know. It’s been my experience that when I let someone help me, it also helps them. A sponsor ends up becoming so close to their sponsees that secrets cease to … Read entire article »

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Form a Gamblers Anonymous to Hit at Horse Racing

I found this in a 1949 issue of the Milwaukee Journal. Kinda crazy, isn’t it? Related articles I Won at Saratoga and Got “Gambler’s Trance” ( … Read entire article »

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Me? A Workaholic? Impossible!

By M. Alexander I like to call myself a Blankaholic.  If you have a name for it, I probably have been or currently am addicted to it: drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, love, cigarettes.  The only type of addict I never thought I could ever be is a workaholic.  I do not like work, I like fun.  I gamble, use, and drink to avoid work or to cope with the little that I have, not to make it easier for me to work more. Enter: Sobriety, Enter: Passion, Enter: Job that I am passionate about.  I find myself obsessing, I find myself constantly stressed, I find myself unreasonable. All of a sudden, I am a perfectionist.  What if the work I am putting out is not the best I can do, better than … Read entire article »

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Do You Have a Gambling Problem, a Love Problem, or a Drug Problem? Yes.

By M. Alexander Yesterday, I went to a Gambling symposium at The Courtyard Marriott.  I went with two other Beit T’shuvah residents to speak to a room of 30 therapists about compulsive gambling.  I was different than resident A and resident B.  They came to Beit T’Shuvah purely for this addiction, while gambling was the furthest thing from my mind when I entered treatment haggard and dope-sick.  But then the head of the Right Action Gambling Program approached me and asked if I’ve ever gambled compulsively.  Of course I had.  If someone asked me if I had ever exhibited symptoms of overeating, codependency, or love addiction I would have answered in the same way.  I am an addict, pure and simple; I will avoid pain at any cost, I will escape … Read entire article »

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Beit T’Shuvah offers Residential Treatment for Problem Gambling

Beit T’Shuvah has become the pilot program for the Residential Treatment for Problem Gambling from the State Department of Problem Gambling in California. We are also beginning an Intensive Outpatient Program for Problem Gamblers. Problem Gambling is finally being recognized as a serious problem. Many people think “if I can afford it, it is not a problem”. This is not true. There are many people who may be using Gambling as their escape and because it is legal, it is okay. Please contact Kathy Marks and/or Michael Konheim for more information. … Read entire article »

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My Own Private Prison

By: Brad ­­­­­ Make No Mistake, As Addicts We’ve All Been There Today I’m writing on my 50th week of recovery.  I imagine that I’m like many who approach a birthday – there is a considerable amount of time taken to reflect on the prior year(s) – and believe me, I have plenty of time! As my byline suggests, I’m writing from a Federal Prison Camp.  As the word “Camp” implies, the world I inhabit resembles nothing of a County Jail or even a Low Security Prison.  There are no fences, no barbed wire, no guards with guns.  There is complete freedom of movement, with the exception of the obvious: I can’t leave. That description doesn’t sound too far off my home on Benedict Canyon Drive for the nine or so years I lived … Read entire article »

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Prison Poker Champ?

By: Brad It had to happen soon enough, that the guy they called “LA” would soon have his identity from the “outside” revealed.  Until now, I was just a guy trying to find his way in his new and temporary “home,” the Satellite Camp at FCI Big Spring.  Until now, the other 157 inmates knew me for my regimented work-out routine, how I loved to read for at least 90 minutes a day, and how I loved to buy an absurd amount of Oreo cookies at the Commissary Store.  That’s basically what they knew.  They didn’t know “me” – they didn’t know my story. A little perspective is needed.  At Beit T’Shuvah, we learn about transparency; we understand that telling “our” respective stories is an integral part of the therapeutic process.  There, … Read entire article »

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Addictive Behaviors – Harriet’s Gala Speech

Good evening and thank you for showing up and showing us that you value the work of Beit T’Shuvah. This is our 18th Gala Event; Chai in the Jewish tradition, a celebration of life. You, our donors and friends have given us life and we have brought 1000’s of addicts back to life through an integrated program of Jewish Spirituality, Psychotherapy, 12 Steps, Creative Arts, Mindfulness and Mind Body Strategies. Over the years new addictions and new combinations of addictions have mushroomed and spread quickly through cyberspace…internet and internet porn addictions, a rise in compulsive gambling, cutting, choking, starving and stuffing, hoarding and stealing and the most recent; an addiction to misery. There is a unifying theme beneath the symptomatic manifestations of these diverse addictive behaviors. All addicts talk about experiencing feelings … Read entire article »

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