YahrzeitsIt is said that the spirit of a departed loved one fills any room illuminated by a memorial light lit in their honor. On Shabbat, we remember those who have passed on.  If you have lost a loved one and would like to honor their memory, call Barbara at (310) 204-5200 x204 or simply click here for an online purchase. Yahrzeit plaques on our memorial light board are available for $500.

Robert Axelrod in memory of David Axelrod

Barbara & Steven Pomerantz in memory of Scott Pomerantz

Cindy Becker in memory of Allen Becker

Marilyn & Joseph Kove in memory of Honore O. Blumenfield

Robert Karns in memory of Hartley Karns

Sue Kaplan in memory of Fan Levy

Warren Breslow in memory of Shirley Breslow

Sherry & Joel Fishman in memory of Shirley Breslow

Lois Esformes & Carter Dehaven in memory of Helen Capin

Ruth Frank in memory of William Frank

Steve Frieman in memory of Paula Goldstein

Anne & David Ruderman in memory of Martin Ruderman