The BTS Band CD - Sounds of Return

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The Beit T’Shuvah Bands “Sounds of Return” Compilation

The “Sounds of Return” compilation is an in-depth series of songs inspired by the Rabbi Mark Borovitz and Harriet Rossetto and includes great performers such as James Fuchs, Laura Bagish. Be Enchanted by the by the voice of our amazing Cantor Rebekah Mirsky.
This CD is a must have for any of our community members music collection.

1. Rabbi's Introduction

2. Y'Did Nefesh

3. Shalom Aleichem

4. L'Cha Dodi

5. Mizmor Shir

6.Tzadik Katamar

7. Rabbi's Drash - Mah Tovu

8. Mah Tovu

9. Rabbi's Drash - Hear O' Israel

10. Hear O' Israel

11. Rabbi's Drash - Mishebeirach

12. Mishebeirach

13. Rabbi's Drash - T'Filat Haderach

14. T'filat Haderach

15. Rabbi's Drash - Insatiable

16. Insatiable

17. Rabbi's Drash - No Perfection

18. No Perfection

19. Rabbi's Drash - Disturbed

20. Disturbed

21. Rabbi's Drash - Proper Measure

22. Proper Measure