T'Shuvah Cards

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High Holiday T'Shuvah Cards


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The month preceding High Holidays is the month of Elul.  It is the period in the Jewish calendar that is set aside for spiritual cleansing or sacred housekeeping.  Elul is to Judaism what the 4th Step is to AA – a searching and fearless moral inventory of oneself.

In the Jewish tradition, God cannot forgive the wrongdoing between people.  If I have caused harm to another, it is my responsibility to make T’SHUVAH directly to the person I have hurt, whether intentionally or unwittingly, and to ask for forgiveness.

Rabbi Mark Borovitz has prepared a High Holiday Repair Kit to help you in this process of self-examination and T’SHUVAH.  It takes you through the process step-by-step and includes T’SHUVAH CARDS if you prefer to make written amends.

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