Surfing Photo Gallery

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The group doing a little Yoga before paddling out.Sunrise MeditationWe focus on the moment and meditate before every surf.Founder of the Surf Program and surf/meditation instructor, Andrew Wasser.
Becca and Luke sharing a wave.Alyson Stack, the Beit T'Shuavh Program Coordinator, enjoys surfing with us every week.A beautiful start to a beautiful day
Jeff Hewitt, getting a little tube timeYoga and Meditation before every surf"Starting my day at the beach, watching the sunrise is so inspiring", Gini B.Andrew, teaching the class before surfing
Gini, surfing for the first timeAlyson, just learning the ropesAaron, getting up on his second wave everOne of our Surfing Instructors, John Sullivan
Santa Monica Beach at dawnRachel and Gavin stretching before hitting the waves