One-Way Ticket by Rita Lowenthal

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"A tribute to loss that holds invaluable insight for any parent who finds his or her child in deep trouble."

- Carolyn See, Bestselling Author, Making a Literary Life

"Rita Lowenthal has written a little masterpiece on motherhood and addiction. It is a fount of wisdom, compassion, and insight."

- Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance

"Do not read this book if you feel comfortable about how the 'War on Drugs' is going. Do read this book if you suspect we are unlikely to get to the bottom of the 'problem' until each of us has, in some measure, understood the truth of what we face in the scourge."

- Uri D. Herscher, Ph.D, President, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA

"Rita Lowenthal's compelling and honest look at her family's wrenching personal experience should inform. not only parents and children, but all those who hope to make a difference through humane public policy."

- Sheila James Kuehl, California State Senator