The Smalley Music In Recovery Program


The music in recovery program, the brain child of Rabbi Mark Borovitz, Harriet Rossetto, James Fuchs and Cantor Rachel Goldman, is one unique to Beit T'Shuvah. Through various activities that that combine Judaism and music, this program allows residents and community members outlets therapeutic and creative expression. Many have described the inclusion of music in recovery as an awakening of their sleeping spirit. They learn the song of their soul.

Many addicts and alcoholics possess unique talents and sensitivities. Providing creative avenues of expression greatly improves their self esteem and quality of life Learning to express themselves without the use of substances, significantly increases their success in sobriety.

Clinically music therapy is a crucial tool in the treatment of substance abuse.Communal participation in sound and song creates a common identity, a recognition of core beliefs, and opens pathways to personal growth and change.