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 Temple Beit T'Shuvah

Miracles Happen Here

If you’ve never believed in miracles you owe it to yourself to visit Beit T’Shuvah. It is a unique residential house for people wanting to rid themselves of any variety of addictive behavior. It is the only rehab that has a fully functioning synagogue where you can study the meaning of the Torah, learn about the ethics, laws and ways people should relate to one another.

These miracles are neither burning bushes nor the parting of the Red Sea, but are about getting rid of the demanding habits that rule lives.

Services are held every Friday evening and Saturday morning. If you are an interested person you will be moved by those, young or old, who live and learn here. You will be touched throughout the service by what you hear and witness, the singing by the choir, the elation of participation in the prayers by all of the congregants and you cannot help but feel a spirituality you’ve not felt before.

The price of a year’s membership is $200.00 for a single, or $375.00 for one year, for a family of four. This sum covers High Holiday tickets. For more information, please contact Ali Ditlove at (310) 204-5200 x230 or

Joan Praver
President of Temple Beit T’Shuvah

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