Our leaders, professional staff, and volunteers reflect the Integrative Model of Recovery. Harriet Rossetto, L.C.S.W. is both the Executive Vice President and supervises the Clinical Department which includes a staff of trained therapists, interns, and chemical dependency counselors. She also supervises the Development Department and the Financial Office. Rabbi Mark Borovitz leads services, officiates at life cycle events, and provides spiritual and pastoral counseling to residents and the greater community.

Beit T'Shuvah is committed to hiring our graduates in all capacities whenever feasible. Of the approximately 50 employees, more than half are Beit T'Shuvah residents or alumni.

This week's Torah Portion is [i:1e0dd1jg]Terumah[/i:1e0dd1jg] (free-will offering). Now that we hav ...(read more)

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Friday - Shabbat Services 6:30 PM
Saturday - Torah Study 7:15 AM; Shabbat Services 11:00 AM
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Here's @Rabbi_Mark with this week's #VideoParsha: https://t.co/6QWNXdQw24

#TBT to last Friday night, and @Rabbi_Mark with his sermon for our friends at Temple Beth El. #Shabbat #judaism https://t.co/IR3J8khn0S

Etgar 36 Challenges Comfortable Assumptions https://t.co/7Q71Ckg6aH

Here's @Rabbi_Mark with this week's #VideoParsha: https://t.co/BqOJ9tPXjI

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