Complete Gold Spherot Set w/Chain

Price: $270.00


By purchasing these Spherot, your giving is multi-layered.

Each ring is intended to be given to a person who you feel will find meaning in it’s message. In giving them these rings, you will imbue them with the same strength and support that the rings stands for.

Your proceeds go to Beit T’shuvah, a program dedicated to saving souls, renewing spiritual life force.

Each ring contains one of the 10 Spherot, or 10 Divine Attributes, through which God is revealed to this world, joining the earthly realm with the metaphysical.

The attributes are: Crown, Wisdom, Understanding, Kindness, Strength, Beauty, Endurance, Splendor, Foundation, and Majesty.

Through these Spherot, God continuously Creates and Bestows.

We too hope to continue in the spirit of Giving.

Please share your Giving stories and photos, and encourage your recipients to share their stories with us on, #GiveStrength