Devotion by Dani Shapiro

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"Dani Shapiro takes readers on an intense journey in search of meaning and peace. Her story of hope is eloquently told and unflinchingly honest."

- Jeannette Walls, Author of The Glass Castle

"I was immensely moved by this elegant book, which reminded me all over again that all of us - at some point or another - must buck up our courage and face down the big spiritual questions of life, death, love, loss, and surrender. Dani Shapiro probes all those questions gracefully and honestly, avoiding overly simple conclusions while steadfastly exploring her won complicated relationship to faith and doubt."

- Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of Eat, Pray, Love

"Dani Shapiro's novels and nonfiction are always rich in honesty and intelligence, about the psyche and lost hearts and families, about messes and shame and what calls us to transcend, and how painfully we find out who we are, and how inadequate and stunning the journey is, how it goes both so slowly and in the blink of an eye - how dark and then what (against all odds) so brilliantly lights the way."

 - Anne Lamott, Author of Grace (Eventually)

"This is a book for people who pray, for people who breathe deeply as a form of prayer, for people who have no idea why or even how some people pray. This is a beautiful, wry, and moving story about one intelligent woman's journey into her own life to the corners where intelligence doesn't always help. Devotion is a book for anyone who knows or suspects that they are, to paraphrase Carl Jung, thoroughly unprepared to step into the afternoon of life."

- Amy Bloom, Author of Away

"I was on the verge of tears more than once in the course of reading Dani Shapiro's impeccably structured spiritual odyssey. But Devotion's biggest triumph is its voice; funny and unpretentious., concrete and earthy - appealing to skeptics and believers alike. This is a gripping, beautiful story."

- Jennifer Egan, Author of The Keep