The curriculum was developed in concert with The Change Companies, a national, Reno based company that develops interactive journaling curricula and trains governmental and private organizations in facilitating the change process. Click here to view an online version of our brochure.
The workbooks are:

  • Who Am I Today? – This module introduces the journey to adulthood and the question, “Why be Jewish?”  Through guided journaling and group discussion, participants explore the balance between their inherent uniqueness and their membership in a community.  Myths and cultural stereotypes are explored and participants are given the opportunity to identify the role Jewish teachings and Jewish culture play in their lives.

  • My Core Values – This important segment of the journey gives young people an opportunity to explore ways to make healthy decisions based on core Jewish values.  The concepts of wholeness, Kedoshim (holiness) and “both/and” are explored. (“both/and”: The acknowledgment that we are not divided info black/white, good/bad, either/or – we are “both/and”. There is no such thing as perfection)

  • My Relationships: According to the Torah – This journal provides youth the opportunity to explore the importance of the loving, healthy relationships that will sustain them on their journey to adulthood.  The difference between relationships based on contract versus covenant is defined.  The obligations between parent and child and the covenantal relationships with God and community are explored.

  • Personal Inventory – This module helps young people look at the personal qualities that either support or harm their efforts to make positive choices on their journey to adulthood.  Upon completing their inventory and identifying those areas where they have “missed the mark,” participants will be introduced to the process of T’Shuvah, the “return home.”

  • Staying Free from Alcohol and Drugs – This segment prepares Jewish youth for making informed decisions about drugs and alcohol.  Participants will learn to apply to their own lives what the Jewish tradition, faith and laws say about destructive behaviors.  Youth will learn to build the skills that will help them resist pressures and temptations to experiment with drugs and alcohol.

  • My Future, My Faith – This journal gives young people the opportunity to explore their unique liberation from various kinds of bondage by applying the principles of the Pesach holiday to their daily lives.  A “faith compass” will guide their choices and help them prepare for the road that lies ahead.  Goal setting, values identification and planning are key components of this module.

  • Supporting My Child – This journal provides parents and caregivers the opportunity to actively participate in the PIP learning experience. Participants will learn how their attitudes and behaviors impact their child’s risk of using drugs and alcohol. Journaling exercises parallel many of the youth exercises and are presented from the adult perspective. The family covenant and parent/caregiver role are explored.