Congregation Beit T'Shuvah

Becoming a member of our unique community makes a statement that you are committing to your own personal spiritual growth. Together, we work to recover our passion and discover our purpose, individually and as a community. We want to welcome you into Congregation Beit T'Shuvah so that you can join with us in the meaningful journey towards congruency, authenticity, and living well.

The Shabbat Miracle
Every Friday night, Beit T'Shuvah holds Shabbat services for over 300 people, led by Rabbi Mark Borovitz, Cantor Rachel Goldman, and Yeshaia Blakeney. After each service, we all join in a communal dinner. Not only is this an opportunity to see familiar faces and celebrate sobriety birthdays of past and current residents, it is also an opportunity to welcome new people in, both to our residential treatment center and to our community at large. Through music, prayer and teaching of relevant Judaism, we all join together to unite in our pursuit of deeper connection and greater purpose. Our regular services are accompanied by the BTS Band, comprised of men and women who have music as an integral part of their lives, and we frequently have special Friday nights, from Jazz Shabbat to Acoustic Shabbat to keep things fresh and offer a special spin on what Shabbat can be. On Shabbat morning, join us for a raucous and unconventional service, where a conventional Torah reading is mixed with lively singing, dancing and Beit T'Shuvah's unpretentious style to lift up your weekend and help you feel "part-of."

The Power of High Holidays
The High Holidays are a celebration of change. At Beit T'Shuvah, we celebrate the capacity for each of us to change every day, and this commitment enables our High Holiday services to be expansive, rich and utterly unlike any other services you've seen. We harness the power of our awe-inspiring community of 800+ souls through prayer, music (both original and traditional cantorial and choral), and opportunities for many different members of the community to share their own thoughts and journeys. Together, we allow our souls to be shattered open as we break through the Gates of T'Shuvah. On Yom Kippur afternoon, we give gratitude as a community as another avenue through which we unite and recognize the gift of a new beginning. Come find your way back to yourself and your community through our loving fellowship and spirited prayer.

Jewish Calendar
Come join us as we celebrate the different holidays of the Jewish year. Dance with us on Simchat Torah as we celebrate completing the reading of the entire Torah and find yourself in the Torah for the coming year (you get to pick your own word!). Light the menorah with us on Chanukah all 8 nights and learn how to light your own fire that can warm your heart and soul. Laugh with us on Purim as you watch Beit T'Shuvah's own unique spin on the Purim story. Free yourself with us on Passover as we ask ourselves and each other "what are you a slave to" through both traditional seders and a performance of our one of a kind original musical performance, "Freedon Song". This widely celebrated dramatic interpretation celebrates every person's journey from slavery to true freedom. Stay up all night with us on Shavuot to realize for yourself the revelation of Torah and discover what needs to be revealed to you-coffee, snacks and pajama dress code included!

Being a Jew and therefore a part of B'nai Yisrael means constantly growing spiritually and intellectually. We encourage each other to see ourselves in the Torah, and at Congregation Beit T'Shuvah, we want to help you learn how. Community members are welcome to join us each morning for Torah study, and on Saturday mornings before services, Rabbi Mark holds a special weekly class. We also have a regular dinner and learning series, where you can come eat, listen, share and argue with us (clergy included) and a number of guest scholars to deepen your connection to our tradition.

Spiritual Counseling
One of the services that makes Beit T'Shuvah such a successful treatment center is that it addresses not only the behavioral and psychological elements of addiction, but the spiritual elements as well. Through Congregation Beit T'Shuvah, we offer the same services to members of our community. Break down your walls and get in touch with your true self through regular conversations and deep text study with our spiritual advocates for your holy soul.

The sacred moments in our lives require our full presence and our most authentic selves in order to be celebrated and, occasionally, mourned. Our full clergy staff is here to help you mark the holy moments in your life with the reverence and relevancy they deserve. We consider you to be part of our family, and want to be there with you in both the happiest and the most challenging times.

Join Us!
With your synagogue membership, you receive:

  • invitations to all of the exciting Beit T'Shuvah events throughout the year
  • access to the spiritual services (lifecycle, counseling, learning, etc.)
  • to be a part of the special community and energy that is so unique to Beit T'Shuvah

More importantly, at Congregation Beit T'Shuvah, we are about more than just the holidays; we are about living well every day. Whether through learning, counseling or a willingness to find the ways that help you connect, we want to be on the journey with you as we learn together how to make Judaism relevant and help you see how…YOU MATTER!

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