Alternative Sentencing Program

Alternative_Sentencing_For_RecidivismAt Beit T'Shuvah, we set aside as many as 25% of our beds for people with serious addictive problems who have been or are likely to be convicted and face prison or jail time.  Carrie Newman, our full-time alternative sentencing coordinator, conducts in custody interviews and assessments with each potential resident to determine their program eligibility.  For those who qualify, Carrie goes to court to advocate on their behalf so that they can serve some or all of their time at Beit T'shuvah to break their cycle of addiction as an alternative to sitting in a cell for their drug and alcohol-related crimes. 

Carrie also provides visitation for Jewish inmates within the Los Angeles County Jail system, offering spiritual guidance, addiction counseling, and a connection or re-connection to Judaism's ancient traditions.  For those serving lengthier sentences, Carrie acts as a bridge connecting these Jewish inmates to the Jewish traditions and the Jewish recovering community through personal visits and correspondence.  In this role, she also serves as a liason between inmates and their families, assisting them in the often frightening and confusing experience of incarceration. 

Contact Carrie Newman for any questions regarding the Alternative Sentencing Program.